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Our Brands

BIOKÉ is your European partner in life science research; we distribute the high-quality and innovative solutions from the A-brands that are listed below. For more information about each brand you can click on their logo. The brands are available in selected countries, to see which brands we distribute in your country, check our country distribution overview.

Country distribution


New England Biolabs
New England Biolabs

Recombinant and Native Enzymes for NGS and Genomic Research
Extensive product offerings into areas related to PCR, gene expression, next generation sequencing, cellular analysis, epigenetics and RNA analysis.

Macherey Nagel

Nucleic Acid & Protein Purification
Ready-to-use kits for nucleic acid and protein purification in various formats including high-throughput applications (for The Netherlands only).


Plates, Tubes & Sealing Solutions for PCR Applications
Consumables and bench top instrumentation, including products for PCR & Sequencing, Assay Screening, Compound Storage and Microplate Sealing.

Applied Cells
Applied Cells

Cell separation made simple with acoustic and / or magnetic technology

atrandi Biosciences
Atrandi Biosciences

Atrandi Biosciences Accelerate Your Single‑Cell Analysis, Microfluidics, & High‑Throughput Screening Research

BioSkryb Genomics

BioSkryb has ushered in a whole new era of single-cell whole genome amplification. The benefits of the BioSkryb ResolveDNA® technology include the ability to control the amplicon size during amplification


Laboratory instruments that are more intuitive, flexible, and compact than traditional devices, with the aim of simplifying the workflow for its users. Highly functional designs, intuitive user interfaces, and affordable pricing make the latest measurement technology more accessible.

Cell Signaling Technology
Cell Signaling Technology

Tools for Signal Transduction Research
A wide range of the highest quality antibodies and kits validated for diverse applications, combined with excellent technical support.


Molecular-imaging for proteins.
High-resolution imagers with CCD cameras or laser scanning to accurately quantitate proteins in gels and Western blots.

Levitas Bio
Mission Bio

The Tapestri platform from Mission Bio is the first and only single-cell multi-omics platform developed to reveal biomarkers that help stratify patients, signal resistance, and predict relapse.

MagBio genomics

MagBio Genomics specializes in creating magnetic bead-based solutions for nucleic acid stabilization, isolation, and purification in the field of genomic research.

OMNI Life Science

Dedicated to cell-based research OLS develops, produces and distributes instruments for research in cell culture, stem cell expansion and differentiation, cell counting and cell assays. Focusing on innovations, with the mission to promote research in Life Sciences with smart, reliable and user-friendly technologies.


Sonicators: Advanced Ultrasonic Liquid Processors
Qsonica designs, develops and manufactures the world’s most advanced ultrasonic liquid processors. Their experience, combined with exceptional performance and outstanding reliability, has made QSonica a ultrasonic processor best-seller.

Scale Biosciences
Scale Biosciences

Scale Biosciences Discover Single Cell Biology at Scale


Cycler-Technology for Life
SensoQuest introduced a new thermocycler with the latest and most innovative features: Highest Accuracy, Intuitive interface & Flexibility.


Software PowerTools for Genetics Analysis
SoftGenetics offers effective, highly accurate, biologist friendly, easy-to-use, genetics analysis software tools for a wide variety of Next Generation Sequencing Data analysis applications, NGS Variant Storage and interpretation and tools for Sanger Sequencing and Fragment data analysis.


The BioXp platform and workflow solutions are designed to empower and accelerate discovery research in vaccines, therapeutics, precision medicine and beyond.

BioFire Defense
BioFire Defense

Hi-Res Melting Technologies for Scanning and Genotyping
BioFire has been a leader in Hi-Res Melting technologies and continues to make high quality, reliable LCGreen melting dye and LightScanner master mix that are specifically designed for HRM and compatible with all instruments featuring HRM capabilities.  

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